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About Us

About us

You've worked hard and waited long for this moment as a family, now lets turn them into beautiful memories you can treasure forever and tell your family's story for generations to come.

How we work

Modu27 Photography was born out of a passion that intersects love for photography and an absolute love for babies, hence our bias for child photography such as maternity shoots, newborns, babies, kids and family portraits.

For most shoots, its a day of crying, sleeping, tantrums and unpredictable angles which take a lot of patience. However, our love for kids, our unique themes, props and other fun elements that comprise a typical Modu27 photo session makes the experience memorable and creates a wealth of images with beauty and a feel specific to your family.

Meet the team

Operations Officer


Operations Officer

Ope oversees all our office operations and client orders.

Information Officer


Information Officer

Chike manages client support and makes sure everyone is happy.

Technology Officer


Technology Officer

Somto manages our agency's technical infrastructure and makes sure all of our technology is state-of-the-art.